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Bietar's extensive list of features make Pharmacy Management easy!

Prescription Management

Fully Integrated Prescription Workflow

Track prescriptions as they move through the pharmacy. Also, easily see how many prescriptions are in each stage.

Patient Profiles

Create patient profiles to track contact information, patient pictures, drug allergen information, patient medical history, and insurance information. Also link multiple family members to the same account.

Prescriber Profiles

Track prescriber contact information, signature, medical license numbers etc. Automatically update prescriber information from the provincial eHealth database.

Comprehensive Drug Information

Search for drug information on a single screen, using: Any portion of the drug name (generic or brand), UPC barcode, ingredient, DIN number. Audit tracking changes made to drug changes.

Billing Made Easy

Bill provincial or private insurance in real time. Add multiple types of insurance to a patient profile, and select the order to bill.

Drug Interaction Alerts

Receive alerts when the drug you are dispensing interacts with a drug that has previously been prescribed to the patient.

Full Compounding Module

Easily create and manage all of your compounds. Customize ingredients and prices.

Schedule Follow Ups

Follow ups are made easy, with features that allow you to schedule doctor callbacks and patient consultations.

Store Management

Manage Staff Effectively

Define staff roles in the system with different user profiles, manage shifts, track working hours, time off and sick time.

Manage Inventory

Easily receive new orders, automatically update inventory, manage return orders, and easily transfer stock between branches.

Automated Bookkeeping

Setup your financial accounts, as per your bookkeeper or accountant. Automatically create accounting ledger records as per your requirements. Easily export accounting records, ledger records, invoices etc. as .csv files that can be imported into accounting software.

Revenue Generation

Gain valuable insights into your customer spending habits, design offers relevant to your customer base to increase revenues.

Cost Savings

Use operational reporting to detect potential trends to continuously optimize your operation and reduce your bottom line.

Consultation Model Management

Service Calendar

Consolidated service calendar for all consultation appointments. Accessible from any mobile device.

Appointment Booking

Customers can easily book appointments across multiple channels (Phone, Website or your customer mobile app).

Intuitive Colour Coding

Our intuitive colour coded calendar lets you easily see which appointments have already happened, which are in the future, and which are underway.

Consultation History

Track history for all customer consultations through
patient detail screens.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Mobile App

Deploy your own mobile apps for customers to enable customer self-service, eCommerce activity (order through the app for pickup or delivery).

Grow your Brand's Loyalty

Reward your customer loyalty through your own loyalty program or through affiliate programs. Loyal customers are repeat customers.


Refill Reminders

Automatically remind customers about refills.

Easily Contact Customers

Email customers about new offers and sales or service reminders.

Point of Sale Solution

Fully Integrated

The POS module is fully integrated with the Prescription
Management module.

Pay Using Loyalty Points

Create your own loyalty points program, or set an affiliated plan (such as Aeroplan, Sky Miles, etc.)


Utilize Different Payment Methods

Such as Cash, gift cards, loyalty points, and credit cards

Use on Mobile Devices

The Native Mobile POS system works on iPad, Android and Windows tablets.

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